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What we Do

nw consulting is a Swiss boutique company that connects people and culture. For over 10 years we have accompanied individuals and their families to better integrate in their new host country, trained teams and leaders to be successful in their global functions and create an environment which reduces the risk of cross-cultural misunderstanding and builds on cultural diversity.

Because each organization and person is unique we adapt our programs to provide tailored and targeted information needed to be successful.

Connecting people and culture to promote collaboration, communication and cross-cultural understanding is our mission.


Who we Are



Founder & Director

With over 20 years’ work experience in international environments I observed countless situations where a better understanding of others and their culture could have prevented many issues from arising.


I founded nwconsulting to have a structure through which I could help promote ways of communicating to build on cultural diversity and understanding.

Half Swiss and half British, I grew up in the German and French speaking parts of Switzerland as well as in Morocco and have spent a great deal of time in both the UK and Australia where I have family. I am fluent in English, French, German and Swiss German.



Together, we are stronger

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We have worked together

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