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diversity, equity & inclusion

Ninety-Six because depending on where you stand you will see a nine or a six. It is when we look at the situation from the other's perspective.

Our DEI services support organizations who are seeking to implement and develop their DEI strategy and reach their goals.

We develop our programs to be highly interactive and practical giving theoretical insight whilst learning through experiences and feeling based on your needs.

Our involvement includes:

  • Advising and acting as a sounding board for organizational DEI strategies

  • Developing DEI training programs tailored to specific environments and need

  • Building “train the trainer” programs to retain DEI knowledge and skills inhouse

  • Creating specific DEI modules that can be included in existing internal training

  • Following-up through individual / team coaching sessions to develop DEI management agility

  • Evaluating the impact of DEI training programs through feedback and follow-up surveys

programme Benefits

  • Growing awareness of biases that influence perceptions of others and tools to reduce them

  • Developing cross cultural agility to improve communication within diverse teams

  • Develop behaviors that promote inclusion, equity and allyship and reduce discrimination

  • Develop tools to prevent or solve conflict / incidents linked to diversity

  • Develop awareness and DEI terminology

« Diversity is the one true thing we have in common ... Celebrate it every day»

Winston Churchill

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