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intercultural competencies

Our Intercultural Competencies programmes strengthen individual abilities and organizational capabilities to build on cultural differences and ultimately accelerate global business performance. These programmes foster an environment where people from different cultures optimize the way they work together in an organization.


Employees will further learn:

  1. How to recognize cultural differences and how they might impact daily interactions within an organization.

  2. How to manage cultural differences in a manner which maximizes communication and collaboration.

  3. How to develop an environment where people from different cultures optimize the way they work together in an organization or a department.

Examples of programmes include:

  • Working and motivating in a multicultural environment.

  • Laying the foundations of Cross Cultural Awareness.

  • Understanding cultural differences and developing intercultural communication skills.

Benefits for the team

  • Reduced risk of project failure or delay.

  • Increased understanding of cultural differences by team members and stakeholders.

  • Improved performance from more efficient and effective teams.

Benefits for you

  • Development of intercultural communication skills to better understand and be better understood.

  • Improvement of cross cultural management skills.

  • Mitigated risk of intercultural misunderstanding.

Benefits for organizations

  • Reduced risk of cultural miscommunication and project failure.

  • Promoted understanding of cultural diversity within the organisation.

  • Fostered environment that builds on cultural diversity by turning it into a competitive advantage.

« I highly recommend Nicola for all intercultural business and personal needs. Nicola possesses the best mix of professional intelligence and savvy smarts. Her workshops and training are not only extremely informative and practical but personally enlightening and fun. »





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